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The history of the Amarnath Journey, including the legend of Buta Malik.

The history of the Amarnath Journey, including the legend of Buta Malik.

The history of the Amarnath Journey is shrouded in mystery. According to legend, the cave was discovered by a shepherd named Buta Malik in the 15th century. He was surprised to find a Shivling (a representation of Lord Shiva) made of ice in the cave. When he told the villagers about his discovery, they began to make journeys to the cave.

Another version of the legend says that Buta Malik was given a bag of coal by a saint. When he reached home and opened the bag, he found a bag full of gold coins instead of coal. He was grateful but overwhelmed. And to say thank you to the saint he went back to the place where he met him but found the cave with Shivling inside instead. This led to the discovery of Amarnath Cave.

The first written mention of the Amarnath Journey is in the 16th century. The Mughal emperor Akbar is said to have visited the cave, and he granted a number of privileges to the pilgrims.

The Amarnath Journey is a challenging journey. The cave is located at an altitude of 13,500 feet, and the journey to the cave can be dangerous. However, the pilgrims undertake the journey in the hope of attaining moksha (liberation from the cycle of rebirth).

The Amarnath Journey is a significant event in the Hindu calendar. It is held every year during the month of Shravan (July-August). The journey is divided into two routes: the Pahalgam route and the Baltal route. The Pahalgam route is the longer of the two, but it is also the more popular.

The Amarnath Journey is a time of great joy and celebration for the pilgrims. They sing songs, dance, and pray as they make their way to the cave. The cave is a place of peace and tranquility, and the pilgrims feel a sense of closeness to God when they are there.

The Amarnath Journey is a challenging but rewarding journey. It is a journey of faith and devotion, and it is an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Himalayas and the power of Hinduism.

The legend of Buta Malik is a popular story about the discovery of the Amarnath cave. It is a reminder of the power of faith and the importance of pilgrimage in Hinduism.

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