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Bababarfani.com: Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage Helicopter & Trekking Tour Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Bababarfani.com, your trusted guide to the divine experience of the Amarnath Cave pilgrimage! We offer both helicopter and trekking tours to cater to diverse preferences and abilities. By booking a tour with us, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Booking and Payment:

  • All bookings must be made through our website or authorized agents.
  • Full payment is required at the time of booking for helicopter tours and a deposit is required for trekking tours, with the remaining balance due before the start of the pilgrimage.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

2. Cancellation and Refunds:

  • Helicopter Tours: Cancellations within 180 days of the start date are non-refundable. Cancellations of helicopter due to weather or government restrictions will be subject to a reschedule or partial refund, depending on the specific circumstances.
  • Trekking Tours: Cancellations within 180 days of the start date are non-refundable. Cancellations due to medical emergencies or force majeure may be considered for a partial refund, subject to verification and documentation.
  • For any cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible via email or phone.

3. Itinerary and Changes:

  • The itinerary for both helicopter and trekking tours is subject to change due to weather conditions, government regulations, or unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to inform you of any changes as soon as possible and offer alternative options when available.
  • Participants are expected to be flexible and adaptable to changes in the itinerary.

4. Physical Fitness and Health Requirements:

  • Helicopter Tours: Passengers must be in good physical health and able to withstand brief periods of high altitude exposure. Pregnant women or individuals with pre-existing medical conditions are advised to consult their doctor before booking.
  • Trekking Tours: Participants must be physically fit and able to complete a challenging trek with steep climbs and uneven terrain. Acclimatization to the high altitude is crucial. We recommend consulting your doctor for a fitness assessment and potential altitude sickness medication.

5. Safety and Responsibility:

  • Pilgrims are ultimately responsible for their own safety and well-being during the pilgrimage.
  • Following instructions from our guides and adhering to all safety regulations is mandatory.
  • We recommend travel insurance to cover medical emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.

6. Baggage and Weight Restrictions:

  • Helicopter Tours: Strict weight restrictions apply for helicopter baggage. Please check our website or contact us for details.
  • Trekking Tours: Pack light and only bring essential items. We provide porter services for a fee.

7. Photography and Videography:

  • Photography and videography may be restricted in certain areas. Please respect local customs and regulations.

8. Environmental Responsibility:

  • We encourage all pilgrims to leave no trace and respect the natural environment during the pilgrimage.

9. Communication and Feedback:

  • We are committed to providing excellent customer service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback.

10. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:

  • These Terms & Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India.
  • Any disputes arising from these Terms & Conditions will be resolved through amicable negotiation or, if necessary, by arbitration in accordance with Indian arbitration laws.

By booking a Bababarfani.com Amarnath Cave pilgrimage tour, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms & Conditions. We look forward to guiding you on this transformative journey!

Jai Bhole Ki!

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