Travel Light, Breathe Deep: Embark on Your Amarnath Pilgrimage Unburdened



The Amarnath Pilgrimage is a journey of the soul, a chance to shed worldly worries and embrace the divine. But let’s face it, lugging heavy bags can weigh you down (literally!). That’s where the Cloak Room Facility comes in, your oasis of ease on this spiritual trek.

Leave Your Luggage Behind, Find Freedom Within:

Imagine scaling the majestic mountains, your shoulders light, your spirit unburdened. No more battling bulky bags, no more worrying about their safety. Simply surrender to the rhythm of the Pilgrimage, knowing your belongings are safe and sound.

Convenient Locations, Stress-Free Journey:

The Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board has set up Cloak Room facilities at key locations like Nunwan and the Holy Cave itself (charges to be confirmed). These secure havens offer ample space for you to deposit your luggage, allowing you to navigate the Pilgrimage with ease and focus solely on your spiritual quest.

More Than Just Storage, a Peace of Mind:

Rest assured, your belongings are in good hands. The Cloak Rooms are well-maintained and supervised, ensuring their safety throughout your journey. This peace of mind allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Pilgrimage’s sacred atmosphere, free from logistical concerns.

Lighten Your Load, Deepen Your Experience:

Embrace the freedom of a lighter journey. Use the Cloak Room Facility to shed unnecessary baggage, both physical and mental. As you ascend the mountains, let go of worldly burdens and open yourself fully to the transformative power of the Pilgrimage.


  • Check the latest charges and availability of the Cloak Room Facility before your Pilgrimage.
  • Pack only essentials for the day’s trek, leaving the rest in the secure Cloak Rooms.
  • Let go of worry and embrace the journey, knowing your belongings are safeguarded.

With the Cloak Room Facility at your side, take the first step towards a lighter, more fulfilling Amarnath Pilgrimage. So pack your spirit of devotion, leave your worries behind, and embark on a journey of unburdened bliss.

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